A song heard late at night

A song heard late at night, down by the water:


[Melody is “Benjamin Bowmaneer,” or this:

Filk by Kep Peterson, spring 2020.]


Do you know how the war began, Bethany Bowmaneer?

Do you know how the war began, casters away?

Do you know the war began, the port town fought to a man,

And Bold Queen Katherine went sailing away.

  • When Queen Katherine addressed the Port, […] her speech was cut awfully short…
  • Then Tiyago’s Ambassador, […] called for the start of war […]
  • Behind us we heard their boots, […] then came the call to shoot […]
  • They aimed for our noble Queen, […] our Navy dove in between […]
  • Celeste she had brought a pie, […] willing to fight or die, […]
  • At the docks but not yet aboard […] a Tiyagan fool dropped a sword […]
  • The Queen raised the sword aloft, […] and finished the last one off […]
  • Long lines at the hospital, […] veterans, now, one and all […]
  • With Her Majesty homeward bound, […] her speech was read to the town, […]
  • So that’s how the war began, […] Port Katherine made their stand […]

I loooove the shout out to Celeste! @EvilHannah

I’m not crying you’re crying

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