A Second Expedition

Hello Everyone,

Once again I want to set out to map this island and understand this place we call home. Having helped conduct the previous expedition I now have a greater understanding of the scope of this endeavor and what might be required for this to become a truly successful enterprise.

I have already reached out to some spiritualists with regard to helping to further explore this island, and am also in the middle of finding experienced hunters to help us better navigate the terrain as well as track anything we might come across.

If I spoke with you on this already, or if you are interested in this second undertaking please let me know.

Thank You,
Tashif Alize

((OOC EDIT: Okay everyone, I have just found out that I can’t really coordinate with the hunter NPC like I planned, so I really need one of the hunter PCs to help me out here. I really do need some help with this.))

Neighbor Tashif,

For a small fee of 5 ducets, I would be more than happy to lend my sword and my eyes to this expedition.

Funds what they are, I’m afraid I must stop under charging for my time and effort; I hope you understand.

-James Corvid

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Neighbor James,

Thank you for your reply, as it stands right now, I am not in a position to pay anyone on this mission as I hope to have a larger group this time and cannot afford such an undertaking. I hope, as this is for the greater good of understanding what this land has to offer both in terms of bounty and danger that will have to be reward enough for the time being. This is still the beginnings of expedition here, and we have yet to fully grasp the knowledge this place has to offer. Until such a time as we are able to prove ourselves to the crown and parliment, we are unable to gain additional funding unless provided by the town itself. That said, I fully understand your position and hope we can work together in the future.

  • Tashif Alize

((Also OOC, thanks for using neighbor as a gender neutral))

Neighbor Tashif,

If we may come to a private arrangement, I would still be happy to help.

-James Corvid

Neighbor James,

Perhaps, but I have my own personal ethics when it comes to paying some for their labor while others go unrewarded. Even more so, there are several problems that might come to light were to ever become apparent that I paid you, and did not do so with the others. So unfortunately, I will not be able to do so for this current expedition. My apologies, but I do thank you for you interest in this, and will keep you in mind for the future when I might be able to provide a wage for future expeditions.

  • Tashif Alizé

Neighbor Tashif,

I completely understandable, and I apologize for me short-sightedness and selfishness. Of course you cannot pay some and not others.

To you, and all others of our town, I offer my humblest apologies.

May your expedition be fruitful!

James Corvid

Neighbor James -

If you are interested in explorations in general, I believe the Blue River Trading Company is hiring. There was an advertisement for same in the paper.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch

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Neighbor Frederick,

Thank you, I will look into that!

Kind thanks,
James Corvid

For future notice, I am temporarily postponing this expedition until certain necessary requirements are met. While there is much to be gained on this expedition, I want to make sure that each venture is successful as possible. For those still interested, I will likely be reconvening this trip in the fall.