A Request For Help Arranging a Meeting

Friends and Neighbors,

This Winter I will have some business that necessitates speaking with…I believe their (his?) name is “Arden”. The individual who runs the Library. However, I have only met this individual once before, back in Spring, so I am not familiar with them by sight.

I was hoping I could beseech one or more of you to flag me over when Arden is around that I may speak with them.

Thank you in advance, for your time reading this, and your hopeful assistance.

Best regards,
James “The Raven” Corvid

Sounds like you are referring to Professor Kavanaugh. He is a scholar from Drevnia, provides scholar lessons.

Dear James Corvid,

I have met with Arden several times. He is the preeminent scholar on this island, and has been kind enough to grace the rest of us with his knowledge. I will be meeting with him again, next festival, and will be sure to let him know that you are looking for him.

I should mention that the poor man has been suffering from some terrible migraines, so do keep your voice low when talking to him.

-Countess Annaliese

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That man is haunted, cursed, or possessed. Just saying.

Countess Annaliese,

I think you very much, both for the fuller knowledge you have imparted on me, but also for helping to facilitate this meeting.

It sounds as though Port Katherine has not been kind to him; I shall avoid soaking to him in an overly loud voice.


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Haunted, cursed, or possessed? Has he been examined by a spiritualist?

Should he be?

If you would be willing to examine him, I’m sure he would appreciate it. To my knowledge he is both haunted and cursed, though not possessed.

I’ll make a point of trying to be around when he makes an appearance during the festival.

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Normally yes, but we’re pretty sure his affliction was actually CAUSED by Spiritualists, so that might not be terribly helpful.

If it helps with finding him though, Arden usually performs his Scholar lessons behind the Tavern, typically just after the Socialite Tea Party ends.


I can make it a point to be around then if you were interested in a possible apothecaricle solution to the problem. I don’t have anything pre-prepared, but we can discuss options and needs.

He wasn’t too keen on my questioning him when I talked to him about possession. But in my Spiritualist opinion, as I said before, “That man is haunted, cursed, or possessed.”.

I do believe that my brother is correct though that this may have been caused by Spiritualists, as they are not avid fans of his works.

However, possession can oft cause someone to do things rather out of character.

For example let’s say a man who is well past his prime, who has spent much of their life teaching in a University, suddenly decides to sail out to the most remote settlement in Lithos to…teach.

Apologies, I’m still learning the names and faces of all the local spiritualists, so I didn’t realize you’d already looked in on the problem from that end.


No need to apologize.

Personally, I probably know around 1/5th of the names of the townsfolk, and I am extremely unaware of their areas of expertise as well.

But if you should find yourself in need of a spiritualist, I am usually available. I’ll be hanging around the Fish-boy.