A Notice to the People of Zlota

A notice pinned to the board in the Tavern:

"To all of my Zlotan kin, I write to you in regards to the recent actions of the Marquessa. More than any other island in Nation, the women of Zlota have enjoyed freedom from government, freedom to live, and freedom to prosper. The Marquessa’s efforts to unify the island under central leadership, while well intentioned, is misguided. Under the pressure of such an intimidating enemy as Tiyago, it is easy to let fear take your thoughts, to pressure you to compromise and to match your enemy to gain their strength. There is undoubtedly strength in such unity. However, it is slow, inflexible, and incapable of adaptation. We in Zlota do not have the experience, or the spirit to wield that strength, and cannot pursue it without undermining our truest strength. Every Zlotan is a dynamic force, capable of making their strength and skill felt by the nation itself. We have long known how to move toward a common goal, without intervention and oversight. Each of us knows our trade, our land, and our neighbors better than any governing body could, and we can wield that knowledge and expertise to achieve feats Tiyago cannot dream of.

My time on this island has showed me a great deal. It has shown me that Imperiousness is a luxury, and that strict command creates only delays. The Marquessa is right that we should change to face Tiyago, and the future beyond our coming victory. She drives us, however, in the wrong direction. The solution is not to anchor us in the weight of bureaucracy. Binding the lords under a single regime will only slow us, in an effort to ensure we walk a path we would walk regardless. Instead, we must free our people to work as quickly and efficiently as they are able. Only then can we fully realize the capabilities of our peoples skill, wisdom, and resolve. Let every woman be a noble. Every lumberjack, miner and carpenter a Lady. They will drown our enemies in their production. In freedom, Zlota is unstoppable.


Count Kleis Adalgar Verenberg-Hostler von Silberholtz VII"