A Note appears in the Tavern

A handwritten page appears in the Tavern, weeks after anyone has last seen Isaac


The light has gone from my life. Losing my mother early in life shaped me, but losing Lucinda has broken me. She was truly the best of the Everharts, destined for greatness. Now she is untimely returned to her Husband.

Thank you to all for the kind words, the comforting embraces, and for the boats on Remembrance. Seeing so many fires lit for my dear sister helped carry me through the worst of it.

I will be holding a memorial service for Lucinda on the 1st night of Dawning, before the next festival. We shall put the previous Spring Monarch to rest properly before embarking on the new season. I ask that the members of the Widower’s Club be present. It is what Lucinda would have wanted.

~ I. Everhart


Isaac, please let me know if you’d like any help planning the service. I will make sure that Widow’s Club is well represented.

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