A Matter of War

For those of you unaware, this past festival, the Fae Court of Summer declared war against in their words “The humans of the socalled ‘Pan-Aetherium’” I have a copy of their declaration of war, and make it available for anyone in town to read.

“Can somebody put each section of this plainly?”

Section 1, humanity keeps breaking the world, the Fae don’t like that.
Section 2, in the spring, silly green wearing guy asked us to leave and we said no.
Section 3, the spearpoint, acting on behalf of the summer court, says no more mercy.
Section 4, no contact between Fae and humanity other than war.
Section 5, we’re pretty sure this means that they’re going to try to take all of our Arcanum.
Section 6, if we attack actual members of the courts they will take recompense from our blood.
Section 7, the Fae and those who work for them are obligated to take us prisoner or something like that?
Section 8, they keep coming until we leave, and profess our loyalty to the courts of Fae.

This is my super quick interpretation, it might be wrong.

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I believe Section 6 could also mean that any members on THEIR side who try to be nice to us humans will pay with their blood. It’s hard to tell.

Well, the Knights Belligerent should be happy at least.

I can see how you would think that, but may I suggest that the matter is one thing as a theory of a far-off future, and another thing entirely as the present now. I, at least, hardly feel prepared, so “happy” is not the word I would use.

How are people doing on figuring out what the runes mean?

I intend to publish a treatise on what we’ve learned so far before next festival.


Myself and Lady Annaliese will be continuing to research on this topic, as well as any other scholars who are interesting in joining us. [OOC Rukiye will be using her coordination on this, so please, the more the merrier!]