A Matter of Theft

As most of you probably know by now, at some point on Saturday night, someone took almost all of my coin and supplies from my bag in the tavern. My bag contained both my personal supplies, as well as some supplies donated to the fledgling town militia. Based on some notes I had, here’s approximately what was taken (both personal and militia).

2 letters from Madds Sunday
3 coal
1 piece of chalk
3 venom vial
3 purify vial
1 heal elixir
5 10d coin
20 1d coin
20 1p coin
60 arcanum

Additionally, Dame Amarallys had two or three 10d pieces taken from her supplies.

We’d both greatly appreciate the return of our supplies and coin. While not speaking for anyone else, if you’re the person who took my stuff, and you then return it, I’ll be greatful for the return of my supplies, and won’t bring you up on any charges of theft. Additionally, I will give a 15 Ducat reward to whoever returns my supplies. However, if my supplies are not returned, and I find out who took it, I will bring all legal might I can possibly bring to bear down upon you.

((OOG, I’d really like my stuff back, as due to the super capitalistic lean of this game, it’s really hard to do stuff without money.))

If an unlabeled box, containing at least some of those items just happens to show up at the bar no questions will be asked.

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Are we sure it wasn’t just pirates? It was left alone in the tavern after all.

From all information that I can gather, there weren’t any pirates around during the relevant time frame.

I’m sure that whoever stole the money really needed it for something, but if there’s any left, I wouldn’t mind having it back. I use that money for lessons and to buy schematics for Engineering. I know it’s my own fault for leaving the money unattended–I can’t carry anything on when I’m using the crutches to get around instead of the chair, but I should have made provisions for that.

Still, if whomever took the money brought all or some of it back, I’d be very grateful. I know gratitude doesn’t buy as much as 30 ducats, but I don’t have much more to offer.

If nothing else, I suppose I can look at this as a very expensive lesson.

[[OOC: I am not upset OOC, I knew it was a risk when I decided to take the crutches up to the fire and not the chair. It would be great to get the cash back, but no hard feelings either way.]]

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Also, I will be licking one trade good in the von Silberholtz’ possession at the start of each gather. Thieves be warned!

-Lily Ferris


Not true: pirates were in the tavern to get cups to sell their grog out of up at the fire circle.

Although now that I think of it, that was after you’d gone, so the timing might be off.

I was really looking forward to buying that chalk too. I don’t suppose someone will have some to sell me in the fall?

The other thing about pirates is in the past when I’ve came across them taking people’s stuff, they tend to take money and other obviously valuable stuff and leave most trade goods and apothecarial components.

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You are a member of the Navy, are you not, Mr Alabaster? And the goods stolen were in part earmarked for the defense of the town. Is there some sort of military investigation you could call to look into the matter?


I intend to look into the possibility. I will be speaking with Captain Stanton when the chance next arises.

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I can sell you chalk, Serendipity.

-Countess Annaliese

(So…I have some hard feelings that someone took advantage of my friend in a wheel chair to lift stuff off her…)



So many <3

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I do hope you are able to recover the stolen goods. The better a foundation we are able to lay for this starting out the stronger the militia will be in the long run.

It also bears looking in the matter and attempting to see if the thief is the same who stole from the wheelchair. Because there are certain lows even most thieves shouldn’t stoop to, and the quicker we bring them to justice, the better.

My head’s spinning with questions, like

  1. Who is Madds Sunday?
  2. What part of the stolen goods is Jules’ and what’s Militia donations?
  3. What kind of bastard steals from someone on crutches?

but that’s not important right now. (Though I wouldn’t mind answers if they’re easy coming.) The important part is we do the decent thing as friends and neighbors and help the bereft get back on their feet.

Jules, Amaryllis - if you need some coin to go about your business, I’ll be happy to loan you some out of my rainy day fund, no questions asked.

I wish I could say that I’m sure we’ll catch the rotter, but coin and trade goods are easy stuff to pass off as legitimately acquired. Here’s hoping all the saints and spirits throw us a lucky break.

– Ravil


1: Madds Sunday is a long story, I can give you a rundown if you’re interested.

2: The sum total of militia supplies was:
3 purify vials
20 Arcanum

3: literally no clue.

As for coin, I’m not in a terrible place because I have a little from what I’ve found on assorted groups who have attacked the settlement.

I’ll be able to replace the entirety of the missing militia resources out of pocket. My concern is that black eye my charity efforts have taken with regard to the militia. This was intended as a pilot program to promote charitable contributions to strengthening the mutual defense of the town. I worry that losing those contributions will shake the faith of our donors.

Regardless, I will be continuing to maintain my own donations. I will also be working closely with Captain Alabaster to ensure the material donated is secured more effectively in the future.


If a time comes when ample evidence has been gathered against a culprit, you have my full legal support in pursuing reparations.