A letter pinned to the board, written in a blocky hand

My friends,

I wish to address you on two matters, one pleasant, and one less so.

The first is that I will be holding a small get-together of the Knights Belligerent in back of the tavern on the 2nd of Fire, at one bell before midnight. I am no Speaker, nor do we have a meeting house here in Port Katherine, but I did want to give the opportunity to the faithful to come, and hear, and be heard. All interested are welcome.

The second, far less pleasant, is that I am here to investigate rumors of magic users. If you have heard of people using magic, and even more importantly, have seen them do so, I encourage you to speak with me, and we will bring the matter to court. The Enemy is an ever present threat, and those who pursue the arcane only serve them. People of particular interest are:

  1. Professor Scarlett Edith Kelley
  2. Countess Serelia Valene
  3. Zeeke Estrella Davi
  4. Julian Oddfellow-Absalom
  5. Julien Emile de Bellefleur
  6. James Corvid
  7. Countess Issac Everhart, Esq.
  8. Serendipity Locke
  9. Pleasant Everhart
  10. Hezra Boone
  11. Prosperity Brannon
  12. Conner Herrick
  13. Lady Annaliese von Silberholtz
  14. Johnathan Heysel-Bright
  15. Ursula Swift
  16. Countess Augustus Stoneguard

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Sir Misha Voth, Sword of the First Line of the Knights Belligerent

A hastily scribbled post-script:
Oh, if anyone is looking to learn how to defend themselves, I am happy to teach.


What methods of defending yourself do you teach? Traditional soldiering? Something more generally applicable?

Pinned below

Dear Sir Misha Voth, Sword of the First Line of the Knights Belligerent,

I assure you I have never practiced magic, and would not do such a thing even if I possessed the knowledge as to how. I find the accusation absurd. A formal accusation, however, merits a formal response. As such, I have four points I would like to cover.

  1. I will cooperate fully with your investigation. If this is a misunderstanding, I’m sure it can be cleared up quickly. If this is an accusation someone has provided you with in a less innocent manner, I do hope you will investigate the motivations into such slander.

  2. Either way, once my innocence is established, I expect a public written retraction of this accusation, in which my name and the von Silberholtz family name are cleared.

  3. I hope it has not escaped your notice that there is significant overlap between the names on this list and those individuals who have announced candidacy for town council, this year. It seems not unlikely that whoever provided you with these names had a political motivation. The von Silberholtz have been proud members of the Knights Belligerent for many generations, and I find the idea of someone using that honorable organization for political gain to be deeply upsetting.

  4. To those others named on this list: please come forward with whatever information you may have. I’m sure that, together, we can get to the bottom of this matter.

Countess Leopolda Liane Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholtz

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Reads post

I see…
So the town council gets elected by using magic, never would have guessed.

It seems not unlikely that whoever provided you with these names had a political motivation.

My dearest Countess, while I, of course, believe your innocence entirely, it hasn’t escaped my notice that our mutual friend’s suspicion may have less to do with political motivation and more to do with your publicly posted statements in favor of closer relations with Tiyago and, in your own words, “[encouraging] amiable but cautious interactions with the fae on both an individual and town level.”

Just a thought.

If mine was the only candidate name up there I would agree with you, but as it stands over half of those who have formally announced have been listed.

That is fair, but one must consider that two of the other three you mention include one whose platform calls for “strengthening our relationship with Tiyago and sharing each others’ knowledge and cultures” and another who is, well, our Julien.

As far as Isaac goes, that I honestly can’t say, though, so perhaps there’s a grain of truth in what you say.

And Prosperity, as well.

Well, I assure everyone involved that I will help in any way to clear the good names of our town and citizenry, as Annaliese has already promised to do.

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Would anyone happen to have the updated version of this list, that includes some names crossed out?