A declaration from Queen Anne V

Vaast gets people’s attention over dinner, he stands up and reads from a piece of paper, a declaration from Queen Anne V
"…To that end, I am rescinding my predecessor Katherine II’s Enabling Act for Parliament. No longer shall Parliament make and pass the key laws that govern our Queendom; I shall be making full decisions on behalf of the realm. Furthermore, I am rescinding my predecessor Anne III’s Parliamentary Act. Henceforth, Parliament shall no longer be required for the advice and guidance of our policies, as we feel adequately advised by those in our small counsel, and - of course - by our honorable husband, whose military expertise shall guide us through this war.

As a result of these declarations, you should consider this Summer’s election to be cancelled, Parliament to be closed…"


“So, who needs a drink?”


Bethany listens at the navy’s table, where she’s been penning a document. Nodding at Lily Ferris, she looks down at her pages, folds them neatly and pockets them. Withdrawing her tobacco pouch, she fumbles with a paper for a try or two with unsteady hands before rolling a smoke and heading out the back door to the beach.