A Call for Shipbuilders (Public Works)

To any that wish the town to start building ships - whether it’s to explore, to earn Letters of Marque, or to find work on a ship - the construction of a Dry Dock is critical. It will take a considerable investment of wood [80], more than a modicum of iron [20], and 10 pairs of hands to build. We also should pool 250 ducats to invest in creating a position for someone to maintain the Dry Dock.

Let me know if you’re interested in pitching in and what you can provide.

With Regards,
Hezra Boone
Quartermaster of the late Queen’s Verdict

Wood: 17/80
Iron: 20/20
Ducats: 50/250
Builders: 5/10
Backup Builders: 0/3


Hezra, do you need 20 iron or 80? Your total tracker and your description give different numbers.

I fixed it. We need 20

The Crew of the Ban Sidhe is of one mind with you, good sir. We currently have at our disposal 8 bars of Iron and 7 planks of Wood to contribute to this task. We are also happy to assist with funding for the position of of the harbormaster.


Leland Casmirre
Quartermaster of the Ban Sidhe

I might be convinced to invest some of my money into this venture – assuming of course that you’ve drawn up appropriate contracts giving investors some rights to the profits arising from the use of these ships?

I don’t intend to make that promise. It will, however, give you the capacity to make ships for your own enterprises.

Are you intending then, to limit the construction of ships to those who have paid into the construction of the dry dock? Or collect a fee for its use?

I’m looking at this as a public project much like the sewer and the well, but with some additional investment from those of us that wish to build ships.

However, if those investing would prefer to collect fees from those not investing for shipbuilding we can discuss that. I am more than willing to draw up a deed and a charter for a board of trustees if need be. What I don’t want is for this to become a perpetual tax on ship-owners.

I suggest we meet after the resources have been raised to decide on that.

Well, as (unlike the aforementioned sewers and well) this seems like a project that will primarily expand the opportunities of some few, as much as I would like to see ships constructed in our good Port, I’m afraid I’d prefer to hold off on committing my coin until such time as I understand how I expect to see a return.

I am all for discussing and collecting money and resources for public works projects and I know the dry docks were one of the ones people wanted after the public health ones. However I don’t believe anyone would have the power to tax or limit the use of the dry docks outside of potentially the town council when it is elected in the summer (this is based off some conversations related to other projects that occurred and maybe the way the dry docks works is special? May be worth getting staff clarification on this). I’d recommend discussing with them when they are elected and I believe there are some resources that exist for the town council that can be put towards projects, but unlikely to be able to cover the full cost at this time (I think have enough that could cover the rest of the iron and help with the wood, but going off numbers from memory). Also I feel maintenance of all the public works that do get built is something that will probably fall under their responsibilities.

Make that 9 Iron

Also I should be able to at the very least cover the one remaining iron needed.

hezra looks around surreptitiously and moves his posting to the top of the bulletin board

Hezra, as the limiting resource still seems to be ducats, may I suggest: speak with me either in the off-season or at the next festival and I’d be happy to offer some suggestions that might help drum up support – I assure you, I won’t ask any fee for the advice, I’m as interested in you in the success of this project, I just think that it’s only fair that those taking part in it (yourself included) see a profit for your tireless efforts.

I’m happy to talk. The way I see it, wood and not ducats is the limiting resource (though ducats can buy wood). If we fail to raise the funds to establish a position for the maintenance of the dry docks, I have every confidence we will be able to find someone with the time and minimal resources required to keep it well-maintained. [OOG: 250 ducats is only needed for the creation of the building maintenance position, which pays someone 10d/season in perpetuity to maintain the dry docks. It can still be maintained with 1 wood and 1 focus without that position]

I’m happy to pitch in 25 ducats and my labor towards this task.

Thank you kindly for your contribution.