A call for a Landsmeet

Greetings, fellow landowners within Port Katherine.

For those who have not met me directly, I am Sir Jakob Bosheit, Vassal of House Alderbridge of Drevnia, and newly arrived as of this summer. I have been deeded some mines and am working towards building them up, and in my time here I have seen some inefficiencies and supply issues that my Drevnian pragmatism is inspiring me to address with fellow landowners such as yourselves.

I would like to propose that we meet as early as possible upon this coming festival of souls, and some of my ideas, and I am sure she of your own, would benefit from immediate action.

I look forward to speaking with you all and working to make Port Katherine a more prosperous and productive community.

-Sir Jakob E. Bosheit, Vassal of House Alderbridge of Drevnia, Resident of Port Katherine