2021 Dates

So, I’ve been somewhat hesitant to post these, since I’ve thought for a bit that they might just end up being another disappointing reminder on a calendar. But, Witchwood did, so I should too.

Port Katherine’s dates for 2021 are:

April 30-May 2
June 11-13

Sept 17-19
Oct 15-17

Now, reasonably, there is a 99% likelihood that the spring events will be cancelled. You should just assume those won’t happen.

Fall? I’m not prepared to make that call yet, but everything I’m reading today suggests that any fall event we ran would require masks and proof-of-vaccination, and those aren’t really conditions under which I want to run an event. And I will not run an event that will in any way put any of our players or staff at risk. So I’m doubtful we’ll be able to run in the fall. It’s possible! But I’m doubtful.

I feel fairly confident we’ll be able to play in the spring of 2022. So that’s where I’m putting a lot of my excitement and energy right now.

Regardless of whether we can run a full event in the fall, I’d like to at least hold an out-of-game gettogether, maybe with some in-game elements, or something, to help people remember that we’re here and that we miss you a lot. Obviously, more detail about this to come, once we know better what we’re doing.

I miss you all. Life hasn’t been the same without you.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine