2019 Event Dates

We have 2019 dates! Put blocks on your calendars now so you have these open next year!

Spring: May 3-5
Summer: June 14-16
Fall: August 30-Sept 1
Winter: Sept 27-29

We’ll be opening registration for Spring/Summer in the January or February time frame, so there’s no need to worry right now, but since we have dates, I wanted people to be aware of them right away.

Also: the Fall event is over Labor Day. Plan now to turn down invites to do things that weekend. :wink:

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Since the fall event is on labor day weekend, does that mean we can have an extended event? :smiley:

I had a moment where I considered it, and that’s definitely something I’ll explore down the line, but I decided not to this year, mostly because I didn’t want to run a 3-day event immediately followed by a 4-week turnaround. One or the other? Sure. But both is dicey.

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Plus for folks who also play or staff Witchwood, and them being back to back weekends… 3 days LARP, 4 days work/school/other, 2 days LARP sounds fun in theory but like something I cannot do and imagine others might feel similar. Granted there’s always some LARP right after, but when it comes to the RFR family of games there’s at least a bit of control over how much downtime is between them.