1719 Winter Tavern Everything

Hi All,

I’ll be away the weekend before PK, so I need to do prep work on the 14th and 15th which is next weekend. I also have no kitchen, so if anyone (preferably near a Large Volunteer Pool) has a kitchen in which we can cook, that would be swell. Any volunteers for cooking those days? I’ll send details late next week. I’d also really appreciate some freezer space for food storage if at all possible, even if it’s only one gallon ziploc bag worth. You can even let it thaw driving from your house to game.

Thanks so much to all of our meal prep and dish washing volunteers; we couldn’t run the kitchen without you! We try to keep prep dishes to a minimum, but we still found that there were periods during the day (most notably right after lunch) when there were no dish-doers and huge scary piles of dishes. When a sizable portion of the prep dishes are dirty, it’s really stressful to try to start preparing the next meal for everyone. Here’s this event’s game time signup sheet, please please please volunteer if you can!

Thanks much!


I can (probably) help on the 15th

I’ll have two kitchens available that weekend and not a lot, but a little freezer space. I can help cook, but will also have to help wrangle my tiny humans.

I am probably free during the day both days, but have a 6-midnight larp the 14th.

I’ve added my name to the signup sheet, but my exact availability might vary slightly, subject to the timing of our resident loremaster—Arden has tended to appear at or around lunchtime for his scholarly lectures, which I personally regard as “can’t-miss” events. But I’m happy to contribute in a generally post-lunch capacity!

I can probably help out a little during the day on the 14th, depending on timing and such :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to help with advance prep this round :pensive: but you’ll see me for set-up time!

I’m available on the 14 all day, just tell me where to show up.

I should be able to help out on either the 14th or the 15th; depending on where the kitchen ends up being.

I can help if there’s ever anything that can be done sitting down. So not dishes but if help is needed, say, peeling potatoes or the like, I’m game!

Hey volunteer peoples, could you make it out Millbury MA on the day you can make it or no? We’re looking at either driving out there, or having PK Prep Cooking: Basement Dungeon Kitchen Edition this weekend and I want to see what we can accommodate.

Millbury is probably easier for me.

I can also do Millbury, on the 15th. Be happy to come help. :smile:

I uh. Can if someone gives me a ride.

Depends on timing for me, but if it’s before evening on the 14th I can make that work!

I’m not sure, I mean Millbury is like 6 miles from my house… Yeah, I guess I can make that.

Ok, it looks like I’m busy until about 2pm on Saturday, so I don’t think it’s feasible for me to do Millbury that day, unfortunately for those of you out thataway. So let’s have Basement Dungeon Kitchen Edition at my place starting at 2:30pm Saturday, going until we decide we’re done. Jess is going to be prepping the dinner food at her place the next day; I’ll let her coordinate anyone available on the 15th in that area. I’ll try to remember to post again Saturday evening with info on whether we still have work to be done on Sunday. Thanks all!

So Ya’ll, please message me here or Email me at OsioJessica@Gmail.com or Message me on Slack under Jess0 if you would like to come help us cook on Sunday in Millbury MA!

I am thinking we will start “early,” at about 1pm or so to make sure there’s plenty of room for potential complications.

Do still need help tomorrow, if you can make it over here, please tell me what hours you’re available?

I double-booked my evening dishes shift with something and had to cancel. I’ll try and pop in after dinner to help.