1719 Fall Tavern Help

Hello Port Katherine Attendees!

It was a huge help having folks in the kitchen for meal prep and dish washing last event! Thank you to every who volunteered. We’d like to continue this going forward with minor adjustments as follow. Meal Prep shifts are the same, with an added Friday pre-game shift for anyone who wants something to do before the player meeting. Washing dishes for 2 hours is a lot, so shifts are now listed as 1 hour. The dirty dish piles are never truly vanquished, so we have dish shifts just about all day. If there happen to be no dirty dishes during your shift, we’ll almost certainly have other tasks available.

During your shift, make sure to sign in with your start and end times, and you can opt for 1CP or 5 ducats per hour of help. To sign up for shifts, please add your name to this spreadsheet .

Jess/Serendipity has graciously volunteered to champion dinner so that I can have some time out of the kitchen again this event :slight_smile: Thanks, Jess!

Thanks all, and see you at the Fall event!

– Yuki/Mildred


Had to remove myself from setup help because of ride logistics, sorry

I can probably do more dishes Saturday afternoon or evening, but I’m not committing to a particular shift yet since it depends when I have down time